Struggles of poking intellect

Over these last couple of weeks, I’ve realized how hard it is to get people to think. I’ve tried getting people to try to think about how their mistakes have costed them, and they refuse to listen. There are a few that I haven’t pushed because I knew they’re in a good position, but those that I’ve noticed a mistake in don’t want to listen to me because they must have an aversion to thinking new ways. I now see why some of my friends have some problems with being ruled by logic and thinking. Those friends are even trying to push me just as much as I’m pushing them, and it’s a real struggle for me since I’m used to using my gut instinct and emotions to try and make a life worth living. I now see why using my emotions to rule is a mistake in a way. Thankfully I have friends that are going to help my logical thinking otherwise college would be impossible to succeed in. Thankfully my instructors can also help me to succeed too. I’ve talked with some of my favorite instructors over the past year and they helped me relieve the immense stress that comes with logical thinking and that has helped immensely. My current instructors, even though I don’t really talk with them much, also help a ton since they can offer guidance if need be. To those that have been doing their best to support me in this endeavor, thank you. To those that decided I was too stressful to deal with, I wish you the best of luck in your future. Just know if you do want some help, I will offer some advice and do my best to keep your opinions in mind when you do need help.

New Beginnings

As I enter this new semester of school, I realize I’m going to need to push myself even more now. This was made quite apparent by the fact that I entered one of my classes, confused and hoping I didn’t enter the wrong class. I was in the right class, and got a huge awakening when I realized “you know, this semester already seems like I need to do a lot of critical thinking.” In my ethics class, I need to read chapters every other day before class, and found out that I will need to ask a lot of questions in order to effectively learn how ethics work. Is it an ethical thing to constantly question what someone is thinking? Is it good to ask questions in response to someone asking questions? What if the person has a different opinion than you, and you want to try and get them to see your side? That’s something that an ethical man or woman should do, right? This is something I’m for sure going to have to do going forward. If you follow my blog, ask me questions to see how I can pursue that intellect going forward.

Thank you so much everyone!

As this semester comes to a close, I can say I’ve learned a lot from you guys and this semester. I cannot express how much I loved this class. Not only was the instructor my favorite one that I’ve ever had, but the people that I interacted with were so much fun to chat with and get to know over the course of the semester. You guys did awesome and I’m proud I was in this class. You guys should feel proud too since I usually don’t express gratitude for school/college since I’m only emotional about individuals and not the circumstances created by environment altogether due to my fairly high standards. I’m happy I got to know those that chose to talk with me and those who I talked with willingly. I’m normally pretty shy around others until I get to know them, but this class was different. I actually came to relate to a lot of you and discovered that my emotional side actually rubs off a lot on the people that want to interact with me, so if you ever see me again, say hi. I’ll be sure to talk with you guys if you do! Despite the age gap between a lot of us, I felt a lot better about this class than others. Thank you guys so much for making this one I’ll remember forever!

My personal favorite blog: Trinity’s Blog

Holy crap I love this blog! Normally I’m not much of a reader, but Trinity certainly knows how write, or in this case, type, stories! If you look at her blog, you would know. Her blog is basically a series of chapters that form a story that she’s writing in a way, and not going to lie, the fantasy setting and story lines are extremely intriguing. To start, her first chapter is about 2 people, Violet and Asher, talking about how to properly handle goblins that are stealing from the townsfolk, so they have to find a way to steal from them in order to get them to stop stealing from the townsfolk, and as a result of that, they end up arguing during the entire trek there, until someone got tired of it and took the lead despite the grudges that arisen from that situation. Her second chapter started off with her describing a sudden impulse and surge that is overcoming a character in her story. It eventually moves on to her finding a beautiful stone palace, and despite the warnings that her friend said, she gently knocked on the door to an elderly man answering the door. He wasn’t very welcoming though, since he didn’t believe that she was a princess, so Asher convinced him to let them inside. The next chapter shows that she was supposed to be mentored by someone named Hasliith, and the first part of the chapter focuses on her mentors introducing themselves. The second part of the chapter is about how she finds an animal that is wounded and how Violet tries helping it, despite the adversity that happens during then. This shocks the spectators since they aren’t used to seeing someone helping the animal. This ends up resulting in the animal befriending her, which carries into chapter 6. In chapter 6, Violet is told she cannot return to Earth because of “that thing,” which Violet was insulted by, replying “It’s not a thing! Its name is Xaicier.” It ended up resulting in her saying a word that shocked the people watching, and as a result, she left somewhere and took a stroll before shouting out something that made a bunch of people freeze and look at her. It’s quite a fascinating story to be honest, so I think it would be well worth a read if you have the time. I was certainly intrigued to say the least.

A real anime guy

“No matter how much you bleed and even if your tears run dry, you stick to it. That’s what a knight stands for.” That’s a quote from the anime Seven Deadly Sins, and not going to lie, it’s quite inspirational. It’s also something me and Calvin On have in common: a mutual love of anime. He has posted many things about anime, including stuff from Hunter X Hunter, One Punch Man, My Hero Acadamia, Kuroko No Basket, and Seven Deadly Sins. I must say though, with what I learned from looking at his posts has me very intrigued. He offered quite the summary of each anime, and I was particularly interested in Seven Deadly Sins. Like you probably guessed, the anime is about characters that are based off of the seven deadly sins: wrath, sloth, gluttony, envy, greed, lust, and pride. The characters that are based off of them are Sir Meliodas, King, Diane, Merlin, Ban, Gowther, and Eschanor. To make it easier for you guys, I’ll direct you to his blog. He states the main storyline of The Seven Deadly Sins revolve around the aformentioned characters trying to overthrow the grandmasters of the holy knights and become more efficient as a team. They come into some trouble though. Since the Holy Knights are portrayed as an organization of good, they are considered criminals even though they are trying to keep the peace, so they have a lot of troubles along the way. Another anime that he talked about that I am very interested in is Hunter X Hunter. The story revolves around a guy called Gon Freecss and his dream to be a hunter, just like his father. He faces many trials of strength, knowledge, and courage too to help him become a better hunter in order to achieve his dream. To provide a better summary, I’ll take you to In the website, they talk about how he thought his father had died, but in reality, he was alive and well, risking his life to procure treasures and other things. He also ends up meeting some new friends along the way, namely Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua. Overall, though, I think Calvin’s blog is quite interesting and I think it’s well worth a read since the synopsis of each show is quite fascinating and fun to read since there’s plenty of twists and turns in each show. I can even recommend some anime that are quite interesting myself if you want!

What I learned about Anxiety

Hello, everyone! It’s been a bit since I posted on my blog, but boy did I learn a lot! I learned so much from looking at other blogs that I had to share! The first blog I looked at was The Girl with Anxiety. I already knew a little bit about anxiety because I have a few friends that have it, but having that friend that is willing to share about her first-hand experience was extremely enlightening to me. One thing that I learned from The Girl with Anxiety was that sometimes, having anxiety can come in handy to prepare you for what’s going to happen. I never thought of it that way, so it really was good to find out there are some benefits to having anxiety. Overall, though, it can bring so many troubles that can seem overwhelming at first. One reason why it can be overwhelming is because they think small, insignificant things seem much bigger than they usually are. To show you, I’ll bring you right to The Girl with Anxiety. In her blog, she states that “Before exams I’m panicking, and when something goes wrong I freak out” which means she is extremely nervous about things that happen and make things seem so much more important than they usually are. She does have a few tips on this blog post though that really come in handy! For example: she says what to say and what not to say to people with anxiety, such as “Are you okay,” “I know what you mean,” and “Have you tried seeing a therapist or hitting a gym?” That’s a huge no-no people, and if you look closely, you can answer the question with a “yes” or “no,” so it will most likely be a “no,” so don’t ask questions like that! What you should try saying is “I’m here for you,” “how can I help,” and “Tell me what you want.” I can easily relate to this advice since I have friends that have anxiety, and every single time I give them advice, I avoid the “yes” and “no” questions as much as possible and do my best to understand their situation and I evaluate it as effective as I can in order to properly give them advice. One of my friends even consulted me for advice on how to handle the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her (I’m not going into details), and now, they actually managed to repair the relationship and they’re an extremely happy couple since they moved on from the experience. Overall, though, my advice is when you encounter someone who has anxiety, do your best to show your support. It makes this world so much of a better place even though it might not look like it.

Blog Tours: Two Sides of the Fence

As I’m looking at Two Sides of the Fence, a few things stood out to me. One thing that I’ll admit I love is that he is so relatable due to it being a diary for his life. One thing in that blog that I really noticed is that his family treated like a punching bad and that he had to take that and he had to be the adult of the house and raise him. I can relate to that because I’ve seen anime and stories of how people who were treated badly and were abused by their parents ended up like, so I’m nothing but supportive of the guy due to knowing they went through so much pain. Another thing I noticed about his profile was that he split the story of his life into several pieces, and as a result, it became a lot easier to read. It is also due to this that he bounces back and forth between who he was and who he is now. This is truly emphasized in the fact that due to his past addict life, he became an entirely different person.

In the video “Heroin: I’m a Heroin Addict and here’s my Story,” she talks about how she didn’t care about anything else other than get high, including her friends and family. This changed, however, when she got pregnant with her son. She moved on from that pain because she wanted the best possible future for her son, so she moved on from that past life and did her best to get her future on track. This makes me feel happy since she went through absolute hell as a heroin addict, but made a change for the better and did her best to move on from that past life. I’m not saying you should get pregnant to move on from an addicts life though. She found a reason to quit, so you should find a reason to quit. There are plenty of ways you can find a reason to move on from your life.

It’s also quite apparent in a video by one of my favorite rappers: Mac Lethal. In his video “The Story of My Drug Addiction.” In the video, he talks about how his mother passed, then he was lost, so his friend directed him to opiates and Oxycontin, and how he felt happy. This is not good, however. He felt so happy, he ignored everything else in his life, and as a result, he ended up destroying his own personal life because he drove so many people away.

Overall, this blog post has a very powerful message: don’t try drugs since they will destroy your personal life and make your life a living hell.


Blog Tours: The Girl with Anxiety

As I’m reading The Girl with Anxiety, a few things popped out to me. One thing that really popped out is the fact that you could easily do life hacks for anxiety, such as distracting yourself by looking at your surroundings, talking with someone, or even taking deep breaths. I wasn’t fully aware that did much since I usually figured people can’t get over it until the anxiety attack actually ended. I knew medication helps, though, since I did a lot of research on the subject in the past. Another thing that I learned is what happens to her when she has an anxiety attack via a diary of what happens and what triggered her. She even said that anxiety comes in handy sometimes because it “prepares her for important life events.”

This is also a way for the body to deal with dangers that come up as time goes on. In the article “Evolutionary Aspects of Anxiety Disorders” the article clearly states that “Anxiety is a component of de-escalating strategies mediated by the paleomammalian and reptilian forebrains,” which essentially means that when someone has an anxiety attack, their emotions and their instincts take over their rational brain to compensate for something that happens that they are unaware of or cannot deal with. In anxiety, I suspect that it’s a more severe case because the brain has taken so much chronic stress that the brain just cannot deal with all that damage, and as a result, random spikes of panic and anxiety make things worse.

This is also emphasized in the article “Can Anxiety damage the brain?” The article states that as a result of anxiety attacks, damage to the brain may end up resulting in damaging the hippocampus part of the brain, which may end up resulting in depression, dementia, or various other disorders. This makes it very important to manage your symptoms and do your best to relieve the stress that comes with anxiety. Since The Girl with Anxiety has ways of dealing with it and has some tips on how to manage it, I would recommend you go look at her blog to help manage your symptoms, especially considering this is first-hand experience, so it might end up helping you in the long run.

Overall, though, I learned a lot by looking at The Girl with Anxiety. Since it was first-hand experience from someone that actually has it, I know more than I did before. It felt good to find out from her what it’s like too, so now, I know how to help someone when they have an attack.

A Friendship and how her Past Relationship Shaped Me

Okay people time for something I’m very excited to talk about! This is a post about a friendship I have with someone and how it’s affected me. Overall, we have had a very good friendship despite it being mostly on Facebook. We frequently talk about how much we love animals and how similar our interests are, like our love of Zombie Pub Crawl.

She has posted about how her and her boyfriend, despite being very sweet publicly on facebook with her ex boyfriend for a time, there was inner turmoil that destroyed the relationship from the inside out. I won’t go into details about their relationship, but she did talk about it on facebook at a later date and how to not conduct a relationship. This is really shown in a Youtube video that I have a lot of respect for. In it, he talks about how showing a woman how you care will eventually lead to a mutually loving, caring, and healthy relationship due to all of the little things that you do for her. That is what I love in a relationship! If you show how much you care for your significant other, it will result in a very good, pure, and joyous life together that will bring you two closer together.

This is also really emphasized in Love is Respect. If you are in a relationship where you aren’t taking care of yourself and instead prioritize your partner, you will exhaust yourself and you won’t be able to see your friends as much! Relationships aren’t about giving to your partner without getting something in return! She did the right thing in leaving him since she will not be able to keep on living her life if she didn’t! That’s why I continue to be as sweet as I can to her. I know it seems unusual, but it works!

One last website that shows how a relationship works is a website that talks about the psychology of how love works. They characterize love starting as “…increased energy, narrowing of mental focus, sometimes sweaty palms, light-headedness, racing heart, and a lot of positive feelings.” That is generally how people feel when they “have butterflies in their stomach” so to say. It’s quite a pure and enjoyable sensation if you ask me. Even I felt that way before. The thing about that, though, is consistency. That is showed in a previous link on this blog post.

I hope this post helps get the message of how to conduct a relationship people!


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Voice of Reason and Power

Okay people this is not one of my usual blog posts for class, but my own internal thoughts. I’m at work and I suddenly remembered a question my brother said at work that set a fire on my ass that I’m pissed about when I try to help him: “Are you stupid?” No, I’m not stupid. I’m working my ass off, studying as hard as I can, and taking all this bull shit from everyone at work, and I’m getting so pissed about it. My instructors have said that I’m one of their brightest and smartest students. Do you want to push me away? That’s what you’re doing. I don’t want to work here, yet I still do because I want to help everyone here. Stop being such a fucking bully all the time. That’s the main reason why your therapist ex left you. Normally I don’t post in the middle of the day, especially when at work, but things like these just piss me off.